I have recently gotten a lot of questions about how to move forward with family and friends who are less than supportive of trans* individuals. So I went online and compiled a list of online resources and books that I felt would be good. Resources and communication have proven to be the best way…


Looking for tumblrs.


Especially steampunk. Most s’punk tumblrs post 90% girls and that’s fine though not what I’m looking for.

Reblog if your tumblr frequently has any of the following:

> Steampunk art, fashion, etc.

> Marvel / DC comics (not movies or news)

> Video game gifs or art or just funny stuff

> Transgender things, primarily of the trans male category

> Transformers (strictly comics)

> Funny anime gifs

> Anything masculine and badass

Thank youuuu






Leogender is a gender that is closely related to strength and regality. A royal gender if you will. Synonym for Leogender is Reigngender

The Prefix for the term comes from the constellation Leo: The Lion. Also lions are (falsely) seen as the Kings of the Jungle. The…

what the fuck is this shit

I’m so done

I don’t want to sound offensive, but ?????????